Online Adjustment Data Marketplace

Appraiser Trader

Online Adjustment Data Marketplace

AppraiserTrader is an independent entity and does not share any data outside the AppraiserTrader Community.


Browse a Massive Database of Appraisal Data

Appraiser Trader has a database of market supported adjustment data. Access the online platform for appraisers to share their market supported data, including, adjustments and opinions of site value. When appraisers have the ability to share their market data, the result is a more efficient appraiser, more accurate appraisals as well as a more supported and defensible appraisal.

Complete Your Appraisals Faster

Organize your market supported adjustment data for quick and easy access. View the adjustment from other appraiser that you have added to your data by looking under My Account - Orders. View Your Adjustments under YOUR ADJUSTMENTS where you can sort by ID, NAME, ZIP or DATE. You can also search by those Items as well. If you need a printed copy for your file, simply use the print icon.

Our Marketplace is growing

Everyday appraisers across the country are developing market supported adjustments, site values and floorplans. Appraiser Trader offers appraisers the opportunity to input their data to an easily accessible data base and for a small membership fee access other appraiser’s data as well. This will help you complete a more supported appraisal.

Manage your own historic market data for free with easy retrieval using "Manage Your Data". For only $79 per year, access the entire data base of historic market data with "Become a Member"

In the course of normal business, appraisers develop market supported adjustment data and site opinions of value. Since this is data all appraisers already possess, take a few minutes to upload and manage your data as well as have access to data provided from other appraisers.