Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns the data presented in Appraiser Trader?

A: The individual appraiser maintains ownership of the data; Appraiser Trader offers access to the database and provides a platform to exchange the data.

Q: Are there any fees for the appraiser?

A: The fee to become a member and manage and access your own data, as well as access all other data provided by other appraisers is $29 per month.

Q: Does Appraiser Trader verify or guarantee the data?

A: Appraiser Trader does not guarantee the accuracy or verify the data. The data is presented with support provided by the owner of the data for the end user to verify. If a user encounter data that is flawed, please report it, our staff will review it and remove it if it is inaccurate.

Q: Who can provide data to Appraiser Trader?

A: Only licensed/ certified appraisers have the ability to provide market data.

Q: Can an appraiser remove the data from their account?

A: Yes, the data belongs to the provider and they can edit or remove it, if utilizing another appraisers data it is recommended to print it and add to your workfile.