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Bathroom Half Bathroom

Bathroom Half Bathroom


Sold By : Eagles
Sold By : Eagles
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A half bath adjustment for a condo was made using Paired Sales Analysis. The two comparables were model matches in the Hallcraft Villas Scottsdale subdivision.  There condition and quality were similar. The concessions were compensated for.  The only different factor between the two model matches was a half bath. Therefore, it is concluded that the half bath contributes $2000 to the market value of the condo.

C1 ARMLS: 5748460

Assessor #: 173-54-085

C2 ARMLS: 5733615

Assessor #: 173-54-123


Date of Appraisal: 20180606
Adjustment Amount: $2000
All sales are final unless the data provider made significant errors or omissions that would impact the credibility of the analysis.
  • State: Arizona
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