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Gross Living Area

Gross Living Area


Sold By : Johns Portfolio
Sold By : Johns Portfolio
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The appraiser performed a regression analysis on the subjects market area, this analysis indicates an increases of $86.962 per sq  foot.  The appraiser performed an analysis on a comparable in the area and determined GLA contributes approximately 50% to the sale price.  $86.962/.50= $43.49 per sq ft.  The appraiser also performed an analysis utilizing cost data. The appraiser determined the cost of estimate new, then subtracted the site value and all of the cost contributes that are separated in the sales grid, ie:  pool, bathrooms appliances, kitchen, air conditioners, fireplaces, garage, covered patio, etc…  This analysis indicates GLA contributes just over 47% to the overall value.  86.926x.47=$40.85.  The appraiser determined the GLA to $42 per sq ft.

Adjustment Amount: $$42.00
All sales are final unless the data provider made significant errors or omissions that would impact the credibility of the analysis.
  • State: Arizona
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